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Content Writing

Have you found your target audience? Do you need to consistently provide engaging content such as blog posts and Articles? Well, look no further. I am an experienced freelance content writer and i am well versed in the process of researching and bringing words to life for businesses.

I specialise in the literary and beauty industry with a knack for research on cultural topics. As a blogger and writer, i am constantly reading, researching and writing on various topics.


I charge $0.05 per word

I accept a 50% deposit and will require the other half upon completion of the work.

Work with me

What does working with me mean? It means we work and write together to produce beautiful work. If you are a writer, blogger, storyteller or an entrepreneur, then send an email and let’s go.

Why should you work with me? Well, because we are all here to grow and networking is extremely important. Plus, you get to make a new friend and i am awesome. I’m sure you are too which is why i am more than excited to be working with you.

Book Reviews

I am more than happy to accept books for reviews. Please note that all reviews will be honest and the books will be read at my own pace . I am happy to read anything except horror but my preferred genres are

Fantasy, Young Adult, Murder mystery and Crime Thrillers

Next Steps…

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you would like to work with me or hire my services, please contact me by sending an email to

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