Author: Reni K Amayo

Release Date: Oct 2019

Publisher: Onwe Press

Chapters: 52

Genre: Young Adult/ Fantasy


A gruesome war results In the old gods’ departure from earth. The only remnants of their existence lie in two girls. Twins separated at birth , goddesses who grow up believing they are human. Daughters of Nri explores their epic journey of self-discovery as they embark on a path back to one another.

Strong-willed Naala grows up seeking adventure in her quiet and small village. While the more reserved Sinai resides in the cold and political palace of Nri. Though miles apart, both girls share an indestructible bond; they share the same blood, the same face, and possess the same unspoken magic, thought to have vanished with the lost gods

Daughters of Nri tells the story of between gods and humans in this wonderful mythical story. The story is filled with the legends and stories of the powerful Eze (King). Some see him as this powerful man that saved them from the ‘mother’ (of all gods) and some see him as the monster that destroyed their lives by destroying the mother. The story takes place in the old city of Nri and after googling it, I found out that Nri was once a kingdom in the country now known as Nigeria.

The 2 main characters- Sinai and Naala are determined to be twin sisters separated at birth. We are told why the sister’s had to be separated and the story begins with Naala trying to warn her village of the Eze’s impending attack. On the other hand, Sinai lives in the city of Nri as one of the royals in the Eze’s palace trying to be a normal girl. When Sinai faces a life and death situation, she enters into an oath that would change the course of her life and help her into the realisation of her powers. Naala, on the other hand, has her life turned around when the palace armies storm her village, slaughter everyone and leave her as the only survivor

The story has everything needed for a Young Adult/Fantasy/Mythical Novel- loss, love, war, destiny and the need to defeat the evil/tyrannical ruler. Whilst the book is not flawless, I was satisfied with the fact that mythical Nigerian gods were represented somewhat accurately. With the introduction of books such as Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi I am happy that authors now have the confidence to include the African culture and African girls in genres that have been otherwise reserved for people of different backgrounds.

The pacing was quite fast in the sense that everything happened quite quickly in the book. This is why it was quite disappointing with the way the book ended. There was this big build up with regards to expectations only for the ending to fall flat. I honestly think the author had a wonderful story but the writing was a bit rushed and the characters came into contact with. their destines way too quickly. The saddest part is that that the girls did not get to use their abilities as much as I hoped they would. All in all, it doesn’t take away the fact that the writer had a good story in her hands.


Do you want to follow 2 black girls as they face their destiny? If your answer is Yes, then this book is for you. I love mythical and fantasy stories which is why I was overly excited for the book. The book is the first in the series and i will pick up the next one and leave a review. If i had a rating system, i would give it a 3/5.