Author: Liane Moriarty

Pages/ Chapters: 436/79

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Year of Publication: 2018

Genre: Mystery

One Luxury retreat in the middle of nowhere

Ten days in which no one can leave

Nine strangers seeking perfection

and each discovering the perfect lie”

First of all, i want to say that is the by far the strangest book i have ever read in my life. This book introduces us to the lives of Nine people that meet at a health resort with the aim of receiving transformative experiences. The story sends us through an odd turn of events that will leave you both shocked and confused. Set in Australia, these strangers end up in the resort directed by the intimidating Masha who went through her own ‘transforming’ experience. As we delve further, the author takes us through the lives of each character and their reasons for wanting their lives transformed. We take a look people like Frances as she tries to cope with her struggling career , a family affected by a terrible loss and a woman struggling with body image issues. These characters offer a great insight into their lives and what they expect from this resort

The story shows each of the characters development throughout and the author does a wonderful job of bringing character growth. I was most impressed with the styling of the characters and i like that there is one character in the story that everybody can relate to. I like to think i relate to Frances as she struggles to find out what her next move is.

However, there were certain parts of the novel that were explicably boring and i can understand it because the author tried to introduce all these characters whilst revealing bits and pieces of their lives throughout the story. This went all the way to the middle of the book and in trying to explain the characters, i feel like the plot of the story dragged on for a while. I will admit, i was tempted to drop the book but i am glad i read through

One common theme for many of the characters was healing wounds. Many of the characters had life changing experiences that they hope the resort can help with. We look at Masha, the owner of the resort as she does her best to ‘fix’ everyone but does nothing for her own mental state. Masha, who has had life deal with her tries to use these people as her way of escape. However, in doing so, we watch her steady descent into madness revealing her inability to help herself or anybody else.

Nine perfect strangers encompasses life as it happens to people. It showed the people who decided to deal with their problems and the ones who chose to pretend life never happened. It shows us one variation of what can happen should you decide to ignore your problems and mental state.


Nine perfect strangers was an extremely bizzare but light read and even though it dragged in the middle, it does get exciting at the end. So, should you read it? I would not be in a rush to buy the book and if i had a rating system, i’d give it a 2/5. However, remember that reading is relative and just because i didn’t enjoy it as much does not mean that you won’t

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