Author- Ransom Riggs

Year of publication : 2015

Publisher- Quirk Books

Pages/ Chapters : 464 / 11

Listening Time: 15 hours

Narrator- Kirby Heyborne

Genre- Young Adult Literature/ Dark Fantasy/ Paranormal Fiction


“Time is running out for the peculiar children. With a dangerous madman on the loose and their beloved Miss Peregrine still in danger, Jacob Portman and Emma Bloom are forced to stage the most daring of rescue missions . They’ll travel through a war-torn landscape, meet new allies and face greater dangers than ever. Will Jacob come into his own as the hero his fellow peculiars know him to be?”

The latest instalment of the trilogy that brings Jacob’s story to a conclusion. Library of souls begins in the middle of a warring Britain and the peculiar world is in serious danger as Jacob and Emma fight against the wights and Hollowgasts to stop them from reaching the library of souls. This legendary library is home to previous peculiars with earth shattering powers and abilities. Jacob and his friends are now on a mission to stop Caul and his band of wights from getting to the library and destroying the entire peculiardom

Ransom Riggs creates the most entertaining characters to help Jacob and Emma on their quest with my favourite being Addison. Addison is a very talkative and bodacious peculiar dog that assists the peculiar children in finding Miss Wren and the library. These characters also help in inspiring Jacob in his metamorphosis as we see in the book. The characters are not just entertaining, they can be confusing. As we journey with these new individuals, i could not tell if they were allies or foes which created a bit of suspense for me.

“She had this amazing capacity to turn sadness into anger and anger into action, which meant nothing ever kept her down for long.”- Jacob Portman in Library of Souls

One thing i enjoyed is the transformation of Jacob’s character from a timid teenager to a strong hearted hero and we see him finally find his purpose. Pushing aside all his fears, Jacob remains steadfast in his mission of saving his friends and his ymbryne whilst discovering the true purpose of the enemy. Ransom Riggs depicted Jacob’s transformation by infusing moments of reflection on his part in different moments of the story. Throughout the book, we see Jacob reflecting on his choices and struggling to find balance in his decisions. We are taken on this journey of remembrance as he tries to decide on whether his choices have been helpful or if his decisions continuosly land his friends in trouble. We follow him as he finally comes to terms with who he truly is and unlock his new abilities.

Even though Jacob undergoes a vast transformation, he never loses his 16 year old self. We see this through the ways he reasons or his harmless teenage crush on Emma. There is a part of him that wants things to return to ‘normal’ and just live out his life as if he did not come across the peculiar world.

This will be the first book series i have ever read in my life and i must say that i was not disappointed. The entire book was filled with continuous pursuits, lucky escapes, new abilities, moments of madness and reflection, plot twists and an epic showdown that left me completely excited. I believe you have to be a level of genius to build up this world without borrowing any elements from previous stories. I did think that sometimes their escapes were lucky and ‘convenient’ as help just appeared whenever they needed it.

As the book came to an ending, i realised how long the chapters were. I only followed word for word because i listened via audiobook. The author described everything event in detail and i think he sometimes went in too deep. However, this does not make us lose focus or take us away from the story. I enjoyed the conclusion however i was a bit disappointed with the way the villains were defeated.

Here i want to talk about the narrator because i listened to this book. There were so many characters from different countries, different ages and different accents. I was very surprised with how one person managed to bring out so many voices. From a little british girl to a grown german man. It was very entertaining how he was able to distinguish all the voices so that the listener does not get confused.

My opinion

A wonderful and delightful end to Jacob’s story. The book is incredibly well written, the characters all have back stories that will tie you to the written word and the book is action packed carrying you along the way. The pictures he uses in the first series and his artful writing explicitly explain otherwise unimaginable scenarios for some people. So, should you read it. Will you learn new words and writing styles? Absolutely. So if you were on the fence before or never heard of it and you enjoy young adult literature, then this book is for you. Has anyone read it? Share your thoughts below.