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Let’s read and write- Welcome to Codenamewriter

Hello! I am Mary, a writer, researcher, reviewer, reader and the founder of codenamewriter. Codenamewriter is all about writing and the literary community. The mission is to continuously shine a light on the community of readers and elevate individuals making their way in the literary industry. This platform is also particularly interested in telling stories and writing that runs across a plethora of genres and topics in order to illuminate current events all over the world. The platform is run by a devoted reader who then writes about what she has read.

As we grow, the aim is to share the works of writers and their creativity. As a reader, you will find everything from book reviews to articles on current events, literary topics and literary trends. Simply following George R.R Martin’s quote: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies” , this page aims to give our readers the experience of living different lives.

Life is full of variance but written works will always be here for us so why don’t we all revel in the stories created and share the works that keep us happy. To wrap it up, my name is Mary and i like to tell stories