Do you want to want to read stories but cannot afford to spend your money on books?I have found ways around this problem and decided to share with you guys today. This is going to be a short post but here are some of the ways i have discovered

Book Swap

Do you have a fellow bookworm for a friend? You can exchange the books you already have so you do not need to purchase anymore. I still do this because buying books can be an expensive habit, especially when you’re in your 20s and working towards being a rich bish.

Free Online Platforms

This is for fiction only. In my teenage years, Wattpad was my number one source for stories. The Platform allows writers who can’t get published to upload their stories. Even though, it is a hit and miss situation, there were a lot of stories i enjoyed. Now, i think there’s an option to pay a token amoutn and get premium services but it still is relatively free. I have heard about other platforms such as radish and you can see which ones you prefer. (Beware, you will find a lot of fan fiction about Harry Styles

Join a public library

I also did this in my teenage years…..Just make sure you return these books because librarians don’t play

Thrift Shops

There are certain stores that sell second hand books for less than the original price. Remember, these are licensed stores and are allowed to sell these books. Do not sells books without permission.

Borrow, Borrow, Borrow

Just borrow these books from your friends. Remember, if you hurt any of these books, you will go straight to hell.

Bonus Hack: Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle is a service where you can buy books from various authors. However, there is a service called kindle Unlimited where a limited number of books are placed on there for free. You can ‘purchase’ 10 books at a time, and when you’re done with any book, you can exchange it for a new book that is being offered. I have used this service to read a couple of books

That’s it for today folks and i hope this helps. Let me know in the comment section if you know any other way or if this helps.